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Maintenance of Land Board services
Due to the maintenance of the Land Board's services (incl. Address data information system), there may also be short-term errors in the use of the e-Business Register. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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Eesti Näitlejate Liit (80044655)
PDF Origin and meaning of the data
General information
Registry code
Registry code in the enterprise register
Legal form
Non-profit association
Artistic association
Entered into the register
Founded in enterprise register
Period of the financial year
01.01 - 31.12
Articles of association amended
Receipt of e-invoices
The legal person does not accept e-invoices.
Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Sakala tn 3, 10141 Open map
E-mail address
Internet address (www)
Tax information
Information on the submission of annual reports
Period Submitted
01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021 21.06.2022
01.01.2020 - 31.12.2020 25.06.2021
01.01.2019 - 31.12.2019 15.07.2020
01.01.2018 - 31.12.2018 25.06.2019
VAT information
The legal person is not liable to VAT.
Right of representation
Name Personal identification code Role Start
Anna Sergejeva 48601130288 Management board member 27.01.2022
Indrek Ojari 37710090300 Management board member 27.01.2022
Tõnn Lamp 38302280312 Management board member 20.05.2011
Ernst Lillemets 35805012727 Management board member 26.01.2023
Helen Lokuta 47504122720 Management board member 26.01.2023
Vallo Kirs 38711235219 Management board member 26.01.2023
Laura Kukk 48902140319 Management board member 09.12.2020
Ott-Henrik Raidmets 39303114210 Management board member 09.12.2020
Jüri Tiidus 38612150233 Management board member 09.12.2020
Reimo Sagor 38705144729 Management board member 09.12.2020
The non-profit association is represented by Tõnn Lamp (personal identification code 38302280312) alone or by other Members of the Management Board jointly.
Official Announcements
Type Start of publication
Areas of activity
Area of activity Type
Activities of artistic associations Principal activity
Area of activity
Activities of artistic associations
EMTAK code
94121 (EMTAK 2008)
NACE code
Annual report (21.06.2022)
Activities of trade unions Statistical activity
Area of activity
Activities of trade unions
EMTAK code
94201 (EMTAK 2008)
NACE code
Statistics Estonia (01.11.2021)
Immovable property
Address Register part
Beneficial owners
Name Personal identification code / date of birth Manner of exercising control
Anna Sergejeva 48601130288 Member or members of management board
Indrek Ojari 37710090300 Member or members of management board
Juuli Lill Köster 47809210291 Member or members of management board
Jüri Tiidus 38612150233 Member or members of management board
Laura Kukk 48902140319 Member or members of management board
Nero Urke 38302210427 Member or members of management board
Ott-Henrik Raidmets 39303114210 Member or members of management board
Reimo Sagor 38705144729 Member or members of management board
Ernst Lillemets 35805012727 Member or members of management board
Liisa Pulk 48506124214 Member or members of management board
The data of the beneficial owners are informative
Data of beneficial owners has been updated on 21.06.2022