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Contractual customer info

The Visualised Business Register allows contractual customers to view the mutual relations of all legal persons in the e-Business Register and their relations with natural persons as a pictorial drawing. The background of a legal person can be examined through both valid and invalid relationships, which also helps to highlight previous ownership relationships.

You can try the visualisation service first in demo environment.

The service is intended for those users who need to make a large number of inquiries from the e-Business Register.

XML services can be used to make queries from the e-Business Register and e-Land Register in an automated and machine-readable form.

Descriptions of API (XML) services of the e-Business Register

Descriptions of XML services of the e-Land Register

The entry query allows you to search for all registry entries related to a legal person during the selected period

The query for fines allows to search for all fines imposed on the legal person by the registrar during the selected period.

The rulings query allows you to search for all rulings made to a legal person during the selected period

The European Business Register (EBR) is an additional service of the e-Business Register, mediating official information about European companys.

  • Information is available from 17 countries.
  • Inquiries can be made about both companies and individuals.
  • The list of available data and prices vary from country to country..
  • Registry data have different legal meanings in different countries.
  • The inquiry system can be used by both individuals and businesses.
  • List of services and price list

E-Land Register contains data on all Estonian real estates. In the e-Land Register, it is possible to conveniently check the general data of real estates, area, owners, restrictions, data on mortgages encumbering real estates, etc. service fees of e-Land Register

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