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Artistic Associations

It is possible to view the data of Artistic Associations and their members (the artistic field, contact information, list of members, date of joining the association etc) in the e-Business Register. Authorized representatives of artistic associations can submit applications for grant of support via Company Registration Portal. More information is available on the website of the Ministry of Culture.

Artistic association information

Eesti Maastikuarhitektide Liit
Registry code: 80194917
Artistic field: architecture
Time for recognition as artistic association: 15.08.2014
Address: Lutsu tn 5, Tartu city, Tartu county, 51005
Webpage: www.maastikuarhitekt.ee
E-mail: juhatus@maastikuarhitekt.ee

List of members as of 22.11.2017

1. Marion Aare
2. Age Alas
3. Koit Alekand
4. Martin Allik
5. Karin Bachmann
6. Simon Bell
7. Tanel Breede
8. Laurent Erard
9. Olja Fomina
10. Aljona Galazan
11. Bruno André Gomes Marques
12. Kristiina Habicht
13. Karl Hansson
14. Egle Heero
15. Kristiina Hellström
16. Mart Hiob
17. Erge Jõgela
18. Edgar Kaare
19. Heiki Kalberg
20. Merlin Kalle
21. Kadi Karro
22. Merle Karro-Kalberg
23. Epp Kesküla Erard
24. Kristi Kivimaa
25. Liis Koppel
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