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New form of articles of association of OÜ from 01.06.2023

1. From June 2023, the new standard articles of association of a private limited company will enter into force, which will also affect the first registration applications of private limited companies drawn up in the e-business register.
Based on the change, we ask that applications for registration in the e-business register be submitted to the register no later than 31. May 2023. When continuing with the application not submitted from June 1, the application must be reviewed in accordance with the new articles of association, and therefore all signatures already given must be re-signed.

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It is possible to make inquiries about all legal persons. A contractual client has even more functionalities.
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Possibilities of e-Business Register

  • The e-Business Register is the official portal of the Estonian state that includes the data of all legal entities registered in Estonia in a single environment. Registration Department of Tartu County Court is the registrar. In addition, information on foreign companies is also available through the European Business Register.
  • The portal allows you to see legal entities connected to you, make changes to the data, submit petitions and documents to the register and annual reports. The e-Financials accounting software is also available for use.
  • You can quickly and conveniently register a new company, a self-employed person, non-profit association and a state agency or local government authority in the e-Business Register. The prerequisite for electronic foundation is that all related persons can digitally sign the petition prepared in the portal.
  • In addition, the e-Business Register portal provides access to prohibitions on business and entrepreneurship, lists of members of political parties and artistic associations, beneficial owners of legal entities, and information on tax arrears.